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From Hop to Ale

Our Process

We have our own 8 barrel copper clad brewing kit on display in the bar which we brew on average twice a week so your pint of Hogs Head Brew House beer just couldn't be fresher.

Our malted barley is first mashed with hot water or liquor as it is known in the brewing trade then steeped for 80 minutes at a temperature of 65-66 C allowing the enzymes present in the barley to turn the starch into fermentable sugars. The sweet liquid created in this process is known as wort, which is then transferred to the copper for boiling.

The act of boiling helps to stabilise and sterilise the wort and then the initial hops for bitterness are added. Near the end of the boil Irish moss is added for further stabilisation along with the more noble hops which give flavour and aroma.

The wort is then cooled to around 17-19 degrees centigrade and oxygenated into the fermenter where the yeast is added. It is kept at a constant temperature to allow the yeast to work its magic and turn the sugar into alcohol.


Kick back In style

Comfortable spacious surroundings where you can socialise with friends, family - or your canine companion. At Hogs Head Brewhouse we know the importance of a good drink after a hard day - so we allow you to do that in style.
Bottles, Draft, Gin...

Drinks for everybody

We have a large selection of our own ales produced on site, along with draughts, IPAs, craft beers and belgian beers; but it doesn't stop there. We also stock a good range of top shelf spirits; such as premiums gins and whiskeys. In the mood for a good bottle of something? We carry fine wines and champagnes as well.
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We are currently brewing 5 regular beers to suit all tastes and styles.


Our traditional English beer brewed with 4 different types of malt to give a deep brown ale. Smooth on the palate with very little bitterness. Single hopped with Goldings, English through and through.


Our most popular beer here at the Hogs Head consists of extra pale barley to give a blonde session ale. A slight bitterness is achieved with the use of German Magnum accompanied with Amarillo and Simcoe hops to give a citrus floral session beer to quench your thirst. The landlords favourite.


Amber in colour and less floral than the White Hog this ale has a malty flavour with a bitter finish. If your a lover of traditional style bitter this is the one for you. Don't believe me..... ask Colin?


Named after the villages fame in the locally based drama Happy Valley this beer packs as much punch as the show did. Light golden in colour and full of flavour. Citra is the star of this beer giving it a real zesty kick. Not to be missed.


Due to it's popularity our rich dark ruby porter is brewed all year round. With hints of bitter chocolate and coffee this smooth porter is a winner with our customers.

Takeaway Your Favourite

We have state of the art technology that allows you to take away some of our tap brews in 2 litre bottles. Our filling machine lines the bottle with C02 and then filters in your chosen brew without any sort of head. Once full, the machine seals the bottle and your chosen brew will keep for a couple of months, or until opened. This service is very popular with diners of Syhiba across the road which doesn’t have its own license.
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Hogs Head Sowerby Bridge

There's so much to see at Hogs Head Sowerby Bridge; we pride ourselves on attention to detail. We have stunning surroundings to relax in, we have beautiful drinks to indulge in - and in winter, we have roaring fires to warm around. Click on any of our pictures to take a closer look.

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